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Meet your Trustees

What do the Trustees do?

Like all other workplace pension schemes, the Scheme is set up under a Trust which means its assets are kept separate from the Company's. This helps ensure the security of member benefits.

It also means that the Scheme isn't run by the Company. Instead, it's run by a team of Trustees – some are members of the Scheme just like you.

There are currently six Trustees and their role is to administer the Scheme and make sure it's run in line with the Trust Deed and Rules, and in the best interest of its members.

With the help of specialist advisers and the Pensions Team, the Trustees make sure that the Scheme's assets are kept safe and that member benefits are paid properly and on time.

All-in-all, the Trustees have an important job to do and make every effort to ensure the Scheme is run well on your behalf, whether that's through attending meetings, research, liaising with advisers and administrators or directly communicating with you and seeking out feedback.

To help fulfil their responsibilities, the Trustees also undergo training in line with The Pensions Regulator's requirements.

Your current Trustees

The current Trustee Board is made up of six members. Four of these are Company-Nominated and two Member-Nominated.

Why not get to know your Trustees and put some names to faces by reading all about them?

Ken Mullen (Chair)

Chair, previously General Counsel and Company Secretary, Company-Nominated Trustee (Vanquis Banking Group)

Ken is a retired professional who has had a 30-year career in the financial industry. He previously served as the General Counsel and Company Secretary of Provident Financial plc. After retiring from his position, Ken took on the role of Chair of Trustees for various pension schemes.

As an independent trustee and Company-Appointed Chair, Ken brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role. Throughout his career, he has held positions as a trustee and/or chair of pension schemes for multiple employers, including his previous employer, Rexel. With extensive experience in this field, Ken has developed a genuine passion for pensions and ensuring the delivery of member benefits.

Ken's primary objective as Chair of Trustees is to maintain the Scheme's financial stability and ensure that all members receive their benefits in full and on time. He's dedicated to safeguarding the Scheme's funds and aims to steer it towards a buyout position. By transitioning the Scheme to a third-party insurer, Ken believes that maximum security of benefits can be achieved for the members.

Outside of his professional life, Ken enjoys various hobbies and interests. He is an avid traveller and takes pleasure in playing golf and cycling (including cycling holidays). Additionally, Ken is a devoted fan of Liverpool FC and holds a season ticket to support his favourite football team.

Graham Pye

Director of People Services, Company-Nominated Trustee (Vanquis Banking Group)

Graham is a highly experienced professional with a remarkable career spanning over 30 years within the Group. As the Director of People Services, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role as a Company-Nominated Trustee. Graham's service with the Company has allowed him to accumulate significant benefits as a member of the Scheme, which led to his invitation to become a Company-Nominated Trustee in 2015. This opportunity presented itself as a perfect chance for Graham to deepen his involvement with the Scheme and expand his interest and knowledge in the field of pensions.

As a Trustee, Graham is dedicated to ensuring the Scheme's continued governance and proper management in strict accordance with its rules. His main focus is to safeguard the interests of the Scheme's members, ensuring their protection well into the future.

Outside of the day job, Graham enjoys various activities. He has a passion for foreign travel, particularly if it involves cricket. Additionally, Graham enjoys hill walking in national parks, immersing himself in the beauty of nature. He also has a love for live music and closely follows the trials and tribulations of Leeds United football club.

Susan Wilkie

Group Head of Tax - Company-Nominated Trustee (Vanquis Banking Group)

Susan has worked for the Group for over 20 years with a strong background in finance and tax. She decided to become a Trustee to use her financial knowledge in a different context. As a Company-Nominated Trustee for over eight years, Susan is interested in the management and investment of the Scheme's assets to ensure it can meet its pension liabilities to members.

As a deferred member with accrued benefits under the Scheme, Susan understands the importance of a well-funded and efficiently run Scheme that prioritises the security of members' benefits. She is dedicated to ensuring that the Scheme operates effectively and that members' interests are protected.

Outside of her professional life, Susan enjoys spending time with her three children, two cats, and a very active spaniel (who get along very well!). She is an avid runner and actively participates in yoga and Pilates classes. Susan and her family also enjoy exploring the beautiful landscapes of the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District, often going on long walks. Occasionally, she even attempts mountain biking, albeit with less success than she would like, encouraged by her sons.

Ellie Shepherd

Head of Legal - Corporate, Company-Nominated Trustee (Vanquis Banking Group)

Ellie is a highly accomplished legal professional, with a background in employment and pensions law. She brings a wealth of expertise and a deep understanding of the people side of the law to her role as a Company-Nominated Trustee. Ellie's interest in pensions stems from her desire to further develop her understanding in this complex area of law and make a positive impact on individuals' lives.

As a Trustee, Ellie is committed to ensuring the proper management of the Scheme and its continuous evolution to meet current requirements. She is dedicated to guiding the Scheme on a journey towards delivering maximum security of benefits for its members.

Outside of work, Ellie finds solace and joy in the great outdoors. She is an avid outdoor enthusiast who enjoys staying active. Whether it's walking in the hills, cycling, or climbing at a local wall, Ellie embraces the physical challenges and rewards that nature offers. Additionally, she has a passion for Pilates and has recently started teaching it in her spare time, recognising the incredible benefits it brings to people.

Steven Pyrah

Member-Nominated Trustee (Head of Technology Operations, Vanquis Banking Group)

Steven is a dedicated professional with a passion for understanding and managing pensions. His day job brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role as a Member-Nominated Trustee. Steven's interest in pensions has grown over time, particularly as he approaches the stage of needing his own pension.

With a strong desire to contribute to the Trustee Board, Steven aims to use his skills in technology and security, as well as his experience in risk management, service management, and budgeting. He's eager to collaborate not only with the Trustee Board but also with portfolio managers and the actuarial team. Steven's main goal during his term is to support the team to the best of his ability and make decisions that benefit the members and their families.

Outside of his professional commitments, Steven finds himself occupied with various responsibilities. From providing taxi services for his daughter to taking his dog for frequent walks, he leads a busy life. However, he still manages to find time for leisure activities. Steven enjoys dining out with friends and maintaining his garden to ensure it remains aesthetically pleasing to his neighbours. If he ever manages to secure a free Saturday, you can find him at the Huddersfield Rifle Club, indulging in his passion for shooting.


Member-Nominated Trustee

Could this be you?

Sue Nimmo

Secretary to the Trustee Board and Group Pension and Benefits Manager (Vanquis Banking Group)

Sue is a highly experienced professional in the field of pensions, with an impressive career spanning over four decades. Currently serving as the Secretary to the Trustee Board and Group Pension and Benefits Manager at Provident (now VBG), Sue has dedicated her entire professional life to the world of pensions.

Sue's journey in the pensions industry began in 1981 when she started working at the Universities Superannuation Scheme. Since then, she has held prominent positions as the Group Pensions Manager for companies such as Johnson Services Group, Bupa, Littlewoods Shop Direct, and Warburtons.

Throughout her career, Sue has developed a passion for pensions and firmly believes in the importance of building strong relationships with members. She understands that the complexity surrounding pensions can be overwhelming, which is why she is committed to making communications clear and understandable. During her tenure at Provident, Sue has spearheaded significant improvements in member newsletters and the development of the new member website.

Outside of her professional life, Sue takes great pride in being a mother to twin daughters, who she has raised with love and care. In her leisure time, she enjoys holidaying in Portugal and is a dedicated Liverpool FC supporter with a season ticket.